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Melody is a 20-year-old college intern at my job. She has a very sweet, innocent, laid back personality that made me think she’d be open to modeling. Melody always wears the same shoes (sperry boat type shoes) everyday, never giving me the opportunity to get a look at her feet!

I took a very casual approach to asking her to model for me. I thought explaining too much may in fact scare her off. This worked and she was down to model!

We shot this quick video during her lunch break at work. I get Melody to prop her feet up on a table with her shoes on first. She kicks them off and is wearing a pair of socks with identical holes in each sock. I have Melody talk about her shoes & feet.

When I ask if she’s heard of a foot fetish she tells me no! It turns out in this world there are still women who are completely oblivious to foot fetishes! She also has never had anyone compliment her on her feet or even had a proper foot massage from a guy before! A total newbie!

I ask if she’s ticklish and Melody tells me she is “semi-ticklish”. There is one spot that she confesses tickles her a lot during pedicures; the spot between her pinky toe.

I ask if I can try tickling her and she agrees right away! I try a variety of tools on her feet but don’t get a great “ticklish” reaction until I break out the electric flosser (seems like this tool never fails.) Melody laughs and looks very surprised at how ticklish she is. Very real reactions from this model, she doesn’t laugh out loud but instead tries to resist and hold in the laughter.

Melody was very embarrassed to laugh, she told me she didn’t want the rest of the office to hear her laughing and wonder what was going on. I was hoping to do a full shoot with her and really get her to let loose. But unfortunately, she told me she wasn’t interested in doing more shoots.

Another amateur one and done for all of you!

Length: 5:32
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – College Interns Tickle Test – Tickled at work!

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