RandomSoleEncounters – Cosplayer Paige Tickled Again! – Luna Lovegood Cosplay!

My friend Paige is back for another foot tickling! Paige is a friend who is into all things nerdy. She especially loves cosplay, video games and manga. I’ve been helping her build a cosplay portfolio showing all of the different costumes she’s created.

Paige has amazing big size 10 feet and is also ticklish! Paige decided to dress up as Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter for this video.

I have her locked in stocks and slide off her flats and give her grey socked feet a tickle before stripping them off one-by-one and exposing her soft ticklish soles. I give Paige’s big feet the full tickle treatment!

Paige is a bit of a fighter when it comes to tickling. That means we get giggle fits and outbursts of laughter between lip biting, grunting and moaning as she tries to fight through the tickling.

She’s amazingly cute and fun to tickle! Hope you enjoy watching her!

Length: 8:24
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Cosplayer Paige Tickled Again! – Luna Lovegood Cosplay!

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