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Alexandra is a traveling model who has done some fetish work strictly as a Dom. She enjoys having men worshipping at her feet and has never been in the submissive role.

When she contacted me about modeling I told her I mainly do tickling. She thought I meant that she would be doing the tickling, I had to correct her and let her know that she would be the one tickled.

After I made it clear she would be restrained and tickled she told me she doesn’t do those type of shoots. I thanked her and let her know to contact me if she ever changed her mind.

A few months passed and I forgot about our previous discussion. Alexandra got in touch and asked if my offer to shoot was still on the table. It turns out she had a few guys cancel on her and was looking to recoup some of the money she lost during her trip.

What will a Dom desperate for cash do?

Alexandra agreed to do her first ever foot tickling shoot and here it is for you to see. She has very long toes and slender soles. She’s used to having them licked and sucked not tickled and you can see how the tickling reaction hits her differently.

She’s more of a giggler and fighter than someone who lets go and just laughs…I expected that from her dom personality. Her facial expressions are great as she tries her best to fight the laughter.

She told me it was “not fun” for her, being submissive isn’t her style I guess.

Length: 7:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Dom Alexandra Turned Tickle Sub

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