RandomSoleEncounters – I’m Tough! – Personal Trainer’s Surprise Tickle Audition!

Julie ( 32-years-old, 5’10, size 9 shoe) is a personal trainer and dietitian. She came to the shoot with her friend as who was modeling for me. Julie was coming along just to watch and had no plans to model or be tickled.

I talked her friend into trying out a tickling shoot and it turned out her model friend was a dud when it came to tickling. I mean ZERO reaction to tickling. I asked Julie if she’d be interested in giving it a try. I think she saw how her friend had no reaction and thought it would be easy money and she agreed to it!

Her only hesitation was that she had been working all day; no makeup and sweaty. I assured her that she looked fine.

Julie definitely thinks being locked in stocks (she never saw stocks before) and tickled is strange but has a good sense of humor about all of it. I have her introduce herself and ask her thoughts on doing a tickling video. Julie tells me that “She’s pretty tough” and she’ll be fine.

I get Julie’s sneakers and black socks off, she has nice big, shapely feet. I start her tickling audition off prodding for what spots and techniques work best on her.

Julie is another fighter, the tough-minded women always are! She grips the armrests of the chair tight (she was gripping the armrest so hard she told me her fingers hurt after the shoot!), bites her lip and throws her head back trying not to laugh or show any weakness. It makes it more rewarding when you get them to laugh! It turns out this “tough” woman has feather ticklish toes! Who would’ve thought?!?

There are some good moments where Julie is almost talking to herself, trying to motivate herself to not laugh; “Be strong!” she says. How strong is she to tickling? Watch and find out!

Length: 11:47
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – I’m Tough! – Personal Trainer’s Surprise Tickle Audition!

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