RandomSoleEncounters – Instagram Models Get Tickled #2 – Bollywood Actress Tickled!

With quarantines and social distancing taking 1st priority I’ve had to get creative in order to bring you new content. I’ve been reaching out to different Instagram models to see if they would do remote shoots for my site. My requirement being that they have never done any fetish modeling.

Elli is a 27-year-old model/actress from India. She has acted in several Bollywood movies and TV Soap Operas. I reached out to her on Instagram and she thought the idea of being tickled was fun!

Elli told me she has very ticklish feet and doesn’t get professional pedicures because she once kicked the nail technician and was so embarrassed! She doesn’t even like foot massages because they tickle her!

This is more playful, unrestrained tickling. Elli is tickled with fingers, lotioned up soles and a hairbrush all get great reactions from her!

I told Elli if she ever visits the US to get in touch, would love to lock her in the stocks for a true tickling experience!

Length: 3:17
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Instagram Models Get Tickled #2 – Bollywood Actress Tickled!

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