RandomSoleEncounters – Julie Tries To Keep Her Composure – Don’t Laugh Challenge

Tough Julie (32-years-old, 5’10, size 9 shoe) is back!

She told me that her inability to control her laughter the 1st time she was tickled really annoyed her. You see, Julie is ultra competitive and a bit of a control freak, she didn’t like that I made her laugh when she didn’t want to.

Julie really thought she could control her laughter!

So, I offered her another chance to redeem herself and prove she was in control of her own emotions.

A 10 minute foot tickling challenge where Julie has to try and hold in her laughter, I would allow a little snicker or smile but that’s it. The only catch is I get to tickle her for the full 10 minutes no matter how she reacts. Loser would buy dinner.

I told Julie to come dressed up ready to pay for my meal!

I test out all the tools on Julie’s feet. I find that feathers between her toes and the electric flosser get the best results!

It’s fun to watch Julie desperately try to control her emotions. She bites her lips, grips the armrest of the chair tight all in an effort to try and not laugh.

“I’m trying to keep it in!” She even says at one point.

If you enjoy seeing a tough, competitive woman really try and remain in control then this clips is for you!

Length: 11:14
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Julie Tries To Keep Her Composure – Don’t Laugh Challenge

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