RandomSoleEncounters – LOST FOOTAGE Drama Queen Gets Tricked Into A Foot Tickling

"J" is a friend of mine who I met through various actors.  She is the very over dramatic actress type, takes her work very, very seriously, thinks she has deep emotions…all that nonsense, a real drama queen.  Her mouth also happens to run a mile-a-minute, she never stops talking!  This can be entertaining but also very annoying!  I forgot to mention she is also very attractive. 

She is always looking for work so I had her help me on a project where she did short informational clips for a local business.  It was a long day of shooting.  Once we were finished "J" asks me if I could pay for her ride home, keep in mind she just made a good amount of money from the shoot we did!  Now that I was slightly annoyed I figured I spin this into an opportunity.

"J" knows I shoot fetish videos but says she would never be in one because it could ruin her career.  I tell her I have to set-up for my next shoot and if she acts as the stand-in I will pay for her ride home.  She is annoyed at this point, she thinks I should just hand over money to her.  She agrees as long as it's quick because she's tired. 

I have her put on a mask, I did this to protect her identity, she may be annoying but I don't want to put her face in a fetish video if she doesn't want it.  I told her the next model would be wearing the mask.  I have "J" sit down and pretend to set up lights..etc.  I hit record on the camera without her knowing, then I strap her ankles down, she is complaining throughout this whole process and has no idea I'm about to actually tickle her!

I remove her shoes, "J" has very pretty soles, they were a little sweaty from being in heels all day.  Then I just start tickling her and to my pleasant surprise "J" is extremely ticklish!!  I tickle her feet with fingers, oiled up soles, hairbrush and the electric flosser.  "J" laughs out loud and even begs.  Her drama queen personality actually adds to the tickling as she tries to talk but can't due to laughing so much!  "J" is exhausted when I finish the tickling and surprisingly doesn't have much to say!

She earned her ride home! 

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