RandomSoleEncounters – My Step-Sister’s Surprise Tickling- 100% SpontaneousCandid Tickling!

This is a candid, unplanned clip that I almost missed shooting!

My step-sister was visiting for the holidays when she came over to ring in the new year with Luna and I. We spent most of the evening hanging out, drinking & playing random games.

As the night rolled on, Luna came up with the brilliant idea to play the “burrito game”. What is the burrito game? Well, you roll someone up in a blanket and see how long it takes them to get free.

Luna went first to demonstrate, quickly broke free of the blankets and told my step-sister it was her turn. As my step-sister was being rolled up in the blanket, Luna quietly wiggled her fingers at me to let me know her true intentions! I quickly jumped to action and ran to grab a camera!

I was able to get back and set a camera up just as the action started. Apologies in advance, the camera isn’t perfectly framed but this was completely spontaneous.

Once my step-sister is rolled up tight, Luna lays on the bed and wraps her legs around my step-sister to keep her stuck in the blanket. Her barefeet exposed and right in Luna’s face, she wastes no time in digging her fingers into my sisters feet. You can hear the ticklish surprise laughter as she tries to get away but is completely stuck!

Lots of verbal teasing between the two as Luna really gets her good! I’m glad I was able to capture it for you all to see!

Length: 3:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – My Step-Sister’s Surprise Tickling- 100% SpontaneousCandid Tickling!

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