RandomSoleEncounters – Paige The Ticklish Cosplayer – First Time Tickle Torture!

Paige is a friend who is into all things nerdy. She especially loves cosplay, video games and manga. I’ve been helping her build a cosplay portfolio showing all of the different costumes she’s created. In return she agreed to do a “quick” (her words) tickling shoot. Paige told me she is ticklish but doesn’t like it at all.

The final costume of the day was Rey from Star Wars. I thought it would be fun to tickle her in that costume.

Paige is a complete newbie to tickle fetishes and was very curious about it. She was very nervous about doing this video and asked me a ton of questions as I was setting up. The clips starts off with a short interview to give you an idea of Paige’s personality. She is very cute and soft spoken.

Paige is locked in stocks and her boots are removed, she wasn’t wearing socks. Paige has extremely soft, shapely big size 10 feet! She told me that she almost never goes barefoot.

I use all of my tickle tools on Paige’s tender feet. Paige tries her best to maintain her composure but can’t help but to burst out into what would best be described as “giggle fits”, she tries to hold in her laughter but can only do it for so long before it comes out in a burst of giggles. She seems almost embarrassed that she is laughing.

While Paige doesn’t have an extremely over-the-top laugh or response to being tickled, I think she has an adorable laugh and very cute, playful reaction to being foot tickle .

Length: 10:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Paige The Ticklish Cosplayer – First Time Tickle Torture!

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