RandomSoleEncounters – Powerlifter’s First Foot Tickling!

Jamie and I both take Tracy’s fitness bootcamp program. I was talking to Tracy, trying to get her to do another video shoot (I’ll never stop trying to get her back!) when Jamie over heard us joking about it.

Jamie is an extremely outgoing, motivated, go-getter. They type of person who is always looking for new exciting things to do and try. She was really curious about the “tickling video” we were talking about.

I explained the type of videos I shoot and Jamie really wanted to see Tracy’s video. I pulled it up and showed it to her and she couldn’t stop laughing.

“I can’t believe you’re that ticklish!” Jamie said to Tracy.

Jamie thought it looked “So fun!”.

I asked how ticklish she was. She told me that it tickles when she gets pedicures and they use the brush on her feet (always a good sign). Jamie said she has never been “properly tickled”, meaning tickled for a long period of time or being restrained.

“Would you try it out?” I asked.

“That would be so crazy!” she said. “Hell yeah, why not!” she laughed.

We exchanged numbers and I was able to set up a shoot with her just three days later.

Jamie showed up and was very enthusiastic! She told me she was very curious to experience being tickled and how she was going to respond to it. She considers herself to be very mentally tough and has high tolerance and endurance.

I get Jamie locked in the stocks still wearing her workout shoes. I take them off, she is wearing grey socks that cling to her feet. When I get her socks off Jamie has a great pair of plump, soft soles.

I give Jamie the full tickle treatment, using all the regular tools of the trade. Jamie turns out to be more ticklish then she expected. She is a squirmer and a squealer with a mix of laughter in between. She seems genuienly curious and surprised at how ticklish she is.

This is a very fun one!

Length: 10:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Powerlifter’s First Foot Tickling!

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