RandomSoleEncounters – PRIVATE STASH Test Shoot Turns To Tickle Torture!

This is a test shoot I did with Sarah that I didn’t intend on releasing. It was just going to be for testing out lighting, camera angles, focal lengths..etc with Sarah being my “stand-in” model with brief tickling here and there.

But, Sarah is just so ticklish I ended up tickling her for much longer then she expected!!!

The first part is foot tickling. Sarah has extremely ticklish feet and what was supposed to be a few minutes of tickling turns to non-stop foot tickling. The camera focus is close-up on her soles as they are tickled.

The second part is upper body tickling featuring Sarah topless! I needed her topless to test out lighting for future shoots and she was okay with doing it but didn’t think it would ever be posted in the store (I asked her permission before posting). This is probably the only time we’ll see her do a nude tickling shoot.
Sarah has very ticklish armpits, she’s just ticklish all over. I test out her stomach, ribs, waist also. She tells me her ribs aren’t ticklish but we find out they are!

Length: 13:11
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – PRIVATE STASH Test Shoot Turns To Tickle Torture!

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