RandomSoleEncounters – Property Manager’s 1st Time Tickled – Spontaneous Shoot!!!

NOTE: This is not a super-ticklish model. She’s more of a “hold it in” type. I’d rate her as moderately ticklish, maybe 3/10. I still think her honest reactions are great along with the backstory. But just wanted to give everyone a heads up and let you decide! Thanks for the support as always!

Karen is the property manager where I’m renting my new office space and studio. When renting I’m always very transparent with the type of content I’ll be shooting. The worst thing is for them to find out that you’re shooting content they don’t want to be associated with and they decide to terminate your lease.

I was a bit nervous giving this info over to Karen when I saw the bible sitting on her office desk! I also noticed she had a tattoo on one of her breasts so maybe she wasn’t as conservative as she originally looked.

When I told her that I shoot tickling and foot modeling videos she was more intrigued then repulsed. She thought it was “Odd but harmless.”

– Flash forward to a few weeks later –

I’m fully moved into my studio now and Karen stops by to see how I’m getting situated. I decide to give her a tour. I put in a considerable amount of work and money to upgrade the space and she was very impressed.

In my studio, I had the “invisible stocks” (ankle straps) set up on the table. This wasn’t a devious plan on my part, I just left them there. Karen saw them and asked “What are those?”. Perhaps the tickle gods were looking out for us because that was the perfect introduction to talk about her ticklishness.

I casually explained the set-up that I use for filming and used the tried and true “Hey, I need to set-up for a shoot. Can you help me?” Full disclosure – I didn’t have any shoot scheduled!

“Yeah, sure. What do you need?” Karen asked. She had no idea of my intentions.

I told her that I just needed her to act as a stand-in for the model while I set up lighting and camera. I got her seated and started setting up.

She asked about the restraints and I decided to show her and strap her ankles in. She let out a nervous giggle as I did this. I explained the reason for the restraints as “To avoid getting kicked in the face.” Karen laughed and thought that made sense.

“Would you end up kicking me?” I asked.

“Probably!” she laughed.

“Really? Let me try and see.”

“You want to tickle me? Now?” She asked.

I told her it would be a quick “tickle test”, just for fun. I could see she was nervous so didn’t want to push the issue. I would have to see her on a regular basis and making things awkward wouldn’t be a good idea.

At this point I remembered to switch the camera on so you get some behind-the-scenes content! You can see that Karen is pretty nervous as she asks me a bunch of questions about what being tickled involved.

Luckily she agreed to try it out!

The biggest revelation of this shoot is that Karen has some amazing size 6 feet. Beautiful soles!

I give Karen a complete tickle test, you can tell she was pretty nervous doing something so out of her comfort zone. I’m able to get some giggles and laughs out of her but she is resisting the entire time. She loosens up as it goes on.

This if for those of you that love real, spontaneous tickling and reactions with completely vanilla models!

Not sure if I should ask her back or not, I feel like there might be some more laughs to get out of her now that she’s relaxed.

Length: 7:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Property Manager’s 1st Time Tickled – Spontaneous Shoot!!!

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