RandomSoleEncounters – Public Tickling Project #5 – Soccer Player Tickled in College Library! – Shy, Reluctant, Embarrassed Model!

I met Jenn right outside the campus library.  I held the door for her she thanked me and that's all I needed to strike up a conversation with her.  Jenn is a Junior in college and plays for the soccer team, she was dressed in workout clothes and looked very fit.  I asked if she would let me interview her about her shoes and feet, not mentioning tickling at that point.  

She thought this was a VERY odd request and initially said no.  But I didn't give up that easily, after a little more explanation she agreed.  I wanted to shoot outdoors but Jenn wasn't having it, she didn't want other people to see her modeling her feet.  

The only other solution was a study room, luckily there were a few rooms open and we ducked into one and shut the door.  

Jenn was incredibly nervous during this entire shoot.  If you like shy, reluctant and embarrassed models then this girl is for you.  I get Jenn to prop her sneakers up on the desk before she removes them and shows off her blue socks that were damp with sweat and clung to her feet.  

I ask to remove her socks and Jenn tells me "This is the weirdest thing I've ever done."   She tells me how weird this whole experience is many times during the shoot and has a "deer in the headlights look" throughout.

Jenn has very soft, buttery soft to be exact soles.  I ask if she's tickling and she tells me she isn't sure.  I ask if I can tickle her feet and she reluctantly agrees.  I tickle her feet getting some reaction but you can tell she is trying to suppress her ticklish reactions.  She was scared to really let out a big laugh in the library!

After giving her feet a tickle test I decide to go for it and ask if her upperbody is ticklish. 

"I thought this was about feet."  Jenn says.  

I then ask if she'd let me tickle her upperbody.  Jenn looks very uncomfortable at this question, she says "no."  But I just decided to push forward and get her to agree if I do it quickly.  

This is when I notice the ring on Jenn's finger…she's married too!  I test tickle her ribs and armpits and they are ticklish also!  Jenn is so embarrassed by this entire shoot.  I thank her for being a good sport and let her go on her way.  

She quickly put her shoes and socks on and left without saying much.  I think I may have shocked her, I didn't even have a chance to give her my card to shoot in the future.  

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Download – Public Tickling Project #5 – Soccer Player Tickled in College Library! – Shy, Reluctant, Embarrassed Model!

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