RandomSoleEncounters – Renee Tries Out Tickling – 1st Time Tickle Test!

Renee (27-years-old, size 6.5-7 shoe) is a neighbor of mine who knows all about my videos but has never been interested in modeling for me. We are “walking buddies”, Renee likes to go for walks at night but didn’t want to do it alone so she asked me to go with her. We’ve been doing this for almost a year now every night.

She had a brief experience in dating a guy with a foot fetish but never even heard of a tickling fetish before she met me. Renee has never shown much interest in being a model and I never really pursued her for it.

On one of our walks, out of the blue, Renee asked me about the videos I shoot. I told her she could model for me anytime to make some extra money and she said she’d think about it. “I’ll think about it” is usually a kind way of saying “No thanks.”

A few weeks passed and she never brought it up. Then once again, out of the blue, she asked…

“What’s this tickling thing all about?”

She had a lot of questions this time which made me think she was even more interested. I decided to really go for it and suggested she do a tickle test with me. I could show her exactly what a shoot is like and if she wasn’t feeling it then the video would never see the light of day. No harm done. She liked that idea.

But I wasn’t going to let her go back home and think about it again. I told her we could do it right after our walk. She wasn’t too enthusiastic about that idea. She started to make excuses about how she looked and what she was wearing….I wasn’t hearing it, I told her it was just a test and that it was the best time to do it for me.

After our walk we went back to my house and got set up in my home studio. Renee kept complaining that she didn’t “look cute” but I thought she looked fine! I left my wooden stocks at my other studio so went with the old school ankle straps…I know a lot of you like them so it’s an added bonus for you!

“I need to clean my feet.” Renee said.

I told her not to worry about it. She told me they were sweaty and gross. I told her again it was no big deal. I knew her feet would be extra sensitive after taking a 3-mile-walk and wanted to tickle them right out of her shoes.

I get her ankles strapped in, Renee is wearing a sweat suit, her hair is up and a pair of white sneakers. I start off removing her shoes, she was wearing a pair of very think dark blue footie socks that were damp with sweaty but not smelly at all.

The first half of this clip is me getting a feel for how ticklish Renee is and what works best on her. I test her out with all the tools, I could tell she was slightly nervous and I needed to loosen her up.

I soon figure out that the brushes, fast and aggressive on her arches are the trigger for her. You get to see Renee go from nervous smiles – heavy breathing, trying to hold it in, giggles and then to uncontrolled laughter. It’s always fun to break down a new ticklee like this!

Renee even starts to tear up from the tickling on her tender soles! She told me she had never been tickled like that before! Hopefully I get to do it again!

Length: 8:16
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Renee Tries Out Tickling – 1st Time Tickle Test!

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