RandomSoleEncounters – Runway Model’s First Time Tickled – Big Ticklish Feet!!!

I met Hayley (24, 5’10, size 10 -10.5 shoe) at a party of a mutual friend last year, she is very outgoing and energetic, always the life of the party. Hayley gets told all the time that she looks like a young Winona Ryder (I think she looks like a mix of Winona Ryder and Daisy Ridley).

Hayley works as a fashion and runway model, agency represented, she has worked all over the world for major companies.

She has ideas for some photoshoots that she wants to collaborate on with me but we live in separate states so working out our schedules has been a problem.

I talked to her about shooting a foot modeling or tickling video but she told me that she is incredibly insecure about her feet, she thinks they are too big and ugly. She also told me she was extremely ticklish and gets when tickled! I let her know that just makes me want to tickle her more!!!

A few weeks ago, Hayley let me know that she would be in my area for work and wanted to get together before she headed home. We were able to coordinate our schedules and meet up for a few shoots.

Part of our agreement was that I would shoot the content she wanted if she would do a foot modeling and tickling shoot for me. Hayley told me she was very nervous about being tickled.

The clip starts off with Hayley locked in the stocks. You can tell she is nervous but tries to put on a brave face.

I use a feather, fingers, hairbrush, the electric flosser and oiled up soles to tickle her sensitive soles.

Hayley has extremely ticklish big feet and a great laugh! She really struggles and tries to get away, it’s a good thing I had her locked in stocks or I may have been kicked at some point. She wasn’t lying about being ticklish!

I’m hoping to get her back for some customs in the next few months, I will post at the top of the store when that happens!


Length: 11:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Runway Model’s First Time Tickled – Big Ticklish Feet!!!

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