RandomSoleEncounters – Sensory Deprivation Tickle – Full Nude, Full Body Tickling & Orgasms

Our poor little model had no idea what she was in for when she signed up for a “Day Long Bondage Shoot.” She should’ve read the release form before she signed it.

Once she is tied up I blindfold her, put tape over her mouth and headphones playing white noise on an endless loop. I leave her like this for close to one hour putting her in a state of confusion and sensory deprivation.

When I return, she is completely unaware that I’m in the room with her. This is when I start with the tickle . I tickle her from head to toe, oiled soles and a hairbrush really work well on her feet. Her thighs are another “hotspot” for her. She is taken by surprise with the tickle .

I even cut off her bikini leaving her fully nude. You can hear her try to say something as I do this to her but the tape over her mouth muffles her protests. Full nude tickling, including nipple tickling which immediately hardens her nipples.

I leave her again to lay in the darkness, when I return I have a small but powerful vibrator with me which I use to an orgasm from her. She tries her hardest to not cum but with her senses deprived she can’t help but feel how intense the vibrations are and cums.

I go back to tickling her feet, relentlessly, she is even more ticklish after an orgasm. Her laughs can be heard through the tape on her mouth and you can tell it’s getting to be way too much for her to handle.

To finish off her , I another orgasm, this time an even stronger one as she writhes, moans and shudders when she cums.

She’s a great little tickle toy, not sure if I should let her go or not….

Over 20 minutes of Tickling & Orgasms!

Length: 20:56
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sensory Deprivation Tickle – Full Nude, Full Body Tickling & Orgasms

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