RandomSoleEncounters – Sophia’s Foot Tickle Audition

Luckily my tickle table and tools travel easily. This studio is reminiscent of my 1st for those of you have been with me since the start….with the green screen background. I even broke out the older restraints so you can see Sophia’s body during the tickling.

I’m working out all the little technical details of being in a new location (lighting, framing..etc) so bear with me as I perfect the look of my videos.

Say hello to Sophia! She helped me christen the new studio with a foot tickle audition. Sophia reached out to me for some advice on getting into the world of fetish modeling and I was happy to lend a helping hand!

She is 21 and wears a size 7-7.5 shoe.

Sophia starts off strapped down in her Nikes and a pair of thick fuzzy socks. I unlace and remove her Nikes and do a brief sock tickling, her socks are so thick that I abort that quickly, strip them off and tickle her barefeet.

Sophia has soft slender feet with long toes. I make sure to test out every inch for ticklishness! I use fingers, feather, toothbrush, two hair brushes, oil and the electric flosser on her sensitive soles. The hairbrushes really get her going!

Sophia is the type of ticklee that can’t sit still when being tickled, if I didn’t have her strapped down she may have flown out the studio!

Length: 6:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sophia’s Foot Tickle Audition

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