RandomSoleEncounters – Stasha Is Too Ticklish – Feather Ticklish Feet!

When Stasha told me that her feet were so ticklish that she can’t even have them touched without laughing I had to test them out for myself.

It turns out she wasn’t lying!

Stasha is right up there with the most ticklish women I’ve ever come across. Even the tops of her feet are ticklish! Everything sends her into complete hysterical laughter….even feathers! And I make sure to give her feet a feather tickling she’ll remember along with lots of other tickling tools!

Originally from Russia, Stasha is a traveling model who does art and fetish modeling. When we were setting up for the shoot she asked me how many breaks I give during the tickling shoot. I told her there were no breaks, I film one shot from start to finish.

This seemed to catch her by surprise. I asked if she could handle it and she told me she would try her best. I was able to get her response on camera for you to see.

Lets just say Stasha had a tough time enduring the non-stop tickling on her feet! When we were done she told me her stomach hurt from laughing so much!

Length: 7:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Stasha Is Too Ticklish – Feather Ticklish Feet!

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