RandomSoleEncounters – Surfer Girl’s 1st Time Foot Tickle – “I don’t like to laugh, it’s embarrassing”

Zoey is a 25-year-old free spirit that I came across on Instagram. She a vegan, surfer, and traveler. She converted a van into a tiny-house and now drives all over the country looking for different adventures.

We talked around 6 months ago about setting up a shoot when she traveled to my area. We would do a trade – I would do a photoshoot for her and she would a shoot for me. She has never done any type of modeling before, a 100% newbie!

Zoey is very open-minded about fetishes and thought it sounded like a fun new experience.

When Zoey rolled into town we met up and I did a photoshoot for her. Afterwards we shot a foot modeling video (will be posting that to this store soon). While doing that shoot I saw just how smooth and soft Zoey’s size 6.5 soles were. Soles that soft had to be ticklish! I asked if she wanted to try out a foot tickling shoot.

“Sure, why not?” she said.

I asked how ticklish her feet were and she said “I guess we’ll find out.”

I have Zoey in ankle restraints for this tickle session. Just a few seconds into tickling her feet she says “You’re gonna have to stop.” I don’t think she anticipated being as ticklish as she was.

But, I don’t stop.

Zoey tries to fight the tickling at first. She even tells me that it’s embarrassing to laugh. But she can only fight so much before the ticklish sensations take over. Her toes are the weak spot so I concentrate there. I use fingers, flosser, oiled up soles, hairbrushes and a regular toothbrush – The toothbrush between and under her toes really gets her.

Length: 7:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Surfer Girl’s 1st Time Foot Tickle – “I don’t like to laugh, it’s embarrassing”

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