RandomSoleEncounters – Talent Manager & Former Model’s Sole Show – Bonus Failed Tickle Test – BIG FEET!

NOTE: This model is NOT TICKLISH at all. I included the tickle test because many of you have told me that you enjoy seeing newbie models tickled even if they don’t have much or any reaction. So, I’ve included it. The tickle test portion is around 3 minutes in length. The rest of the video is foot modeling.


Justine is a former fashion and runway model. Now in her 40’s (she still looks great!) she owns a talent and modeling agency. I’ve known her for a long time and have worked with her on many projects.

Justine isn’t uptight about fetishes, she once told me that she’s seen it all and nothing surprises or freaks her out. I’ve talked to her about modeling for me a few times and she’s been open to doing it but the opportunity to do a shoot with her has never materialized.

I let Justine borrow some of my camera equipment. I told her when I let her borrow my stuff that she could say “Thank you” by finally doing a shoot with me. She told me “No problem!” so I held her to that!

Justine actually texted before she came by and asked if I still wanted her to model when she got there. Of course, I said yes!

Justine is 5’10 and has big size 10s! Beautiful former fashion and runway model feet!

When I got Justine in the studio I suggested she do a tickle test. Justine has told me many times that she is not ticklish at all. But I really needed to see for myself. As it turns out, Justine wasn’t lying. Her feet aren’t ticklish, not even a little bit. How sad for all of us.

I still try all of my tools and techniques on her big, soft soles. Justine tells me it feels good…not what I was looking for.

We move on to foot modeling and get a good look at her soles. Justine takes good care of her feet. I interview her while she models her feet about shoes, pedicures..etc. I make sure to get close-ups of her feet during the modeling session!

Most likely a “one-and-done” model so enjoy Justine’s feet!

Length: 13:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Talent Manager & Former Model’s Sole Show – Bonus Failed Tickle Test – BIG FEET!

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