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Anna has applied for a job at the prestigious Moriarty Preparatory Academy and secured an interview with the headmaster Mr. Smith.  She arrives nervous but excited to land the teaching job of her dreams.  Anna has practiced and prepared for every question that Mr. Smith could possible ask, but there are certain things you just can't prepare for.

As the interview begins, Mr. Smith informs Anna of their unorthodox interview techniques to ensure the teachers are a proper fit for their academy.

TEST ONE:  Mr. Smith wants to see if Anna can be spontaneous and silly with the students, always maintaining a happy attitude.  He has Anna placed her high heeled feet up on a stool and straps her ankles in.  He then removes her high heels baring her tender soles.  He tells Anna to recited a series of nursery rhymes while he does hand gestures to each rhyme on the soles of her feet.  Anna is surprised at how much it tickles, she giggles, laughs and struggles to get through the nursery rhymes.  What an odd test!

 Tongue Twisters, a favorite of the students.  Mr. Smith hands Anna a page full of these tongue twisters.  He tells her to try and read them perfectly while he distracts her.  This will show how focused she can be.  While Anna tries her hardest to read the tongue twisters, Mr. Smith tickles her feet with fingers, an electric flosser and a hairbrush.  Anna can't contain her laughter!

TEST TWO:  Now to test Anna's patience and composure.  Mr. Smith tells Anna he is going to tickle her feet but she cannot move or laugh, she has to be tough!  She has three tries but each fail has consequences!  Mr. Smith oils up Anna's soft ticklish soles and begins tickling, Anna can't maintain her composure and must pay the consequence….non-stop upperbody tickling!  It turns out Anna is ticklish all over!

Mr. Smith gives her another try to pass this test but Anna is just too ticklish.  Her punishment this time, she must tell Mr. Smith where to tickler her!  When it gets to be too intense, she must tell him to tickle another spot.  This leaves poor teacher Anna exhausted but the interview isn't over yet!

TEST THREE:  Mr. Smith hands Anna "The Foot Book", it's a favorite of the students.  He tells Anna that he wants her to read the entire book, cover-to-cover, while he tries to distract her with more tickling.  If she laughs or hesitates, she must start all over again. Mr. Smith uses all his tickle tools to distract poor Anna and does she ever get distracted, she tries over and over to get through the book but the ticklish sensations as just too much for her poor little feet.   When she finally manages to get through the book and Mr. Smith just continues to tickle her!  Bringing her to hysterics and the point where she just can no longer laugh and only suffers!

Anna's dream job turns into a ticklish nightmare!

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