RandomSoleEncounters – The Penance Of Step-Sister Elle – Custom Video – (Foot Tickling & Orgasm)

Step-Sister Elle comes to her priest to confess that she is having immoral thoughts and dreams. She wants to know what she has to do in order to have these lurid thoughts go away and asks for forgiveness.

The priest informs her that these thoughts are a serious sin and could lead to her being excommunicated from the church. A simple penance of “Hail Mary’s” isn’t enough for this type of offence. They must take drastic measures for her to show how sorry she is and to be forgiven in the eyes of god.

The priest locks Step-Sister Elle in the church stocks and removes her shoes. He tickles her black nyon clad feet shocking our poor innocent Step-Sister into unrestrained laughter. The priest pays no attention to her laughing and continues his tickling to punish Step-Sister Elle for her immoral thoughts.

Soon her stockings are ripped away exposing her young, soft soles and the tickling punishment continues. Step-Sister Elle laughs and struggles in her restraints. She’s never been touched like this before! The priest continues this punishment until he feels Step-Sister Elle is truly sorry.

He then proceeds to tell Step-Sister Elle there is one last step to wash away all her immoral thoughts. He orders her to spread her legs, close her eyes and to think about all the sinful things that run through her mind. As she does this he applies a vibrator to her. Step-Sister Elle is soon overcome with the thoughts and physical sensations and spasms to an eye rolling orgasm.

Only then are all her sins forgiven.

Length: 11:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Penance Of Step-Sister Elle – Custom Video – (Foot Tickling & Orgasm)

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