RandomSoleEncounters – Tickling my Girlfriend – I didn’t know you were going to torture me!

It’s been tough finding new models this year, for obvious reasons, luckily I have someone who is very ticklish living under the same roof! I’ve tickled Bree (25 y.o. size 7-7.5) a few times for the store but she’s pretty camera shy so the majority of her tickling stays off camera. Getting her to agree to be tickled on camera is a rare treat.

Bree wanted to get dressed up, full hair and make-up for the shoot, but I told her not to. I thought it would be cool to tickle her just as she was. She was dressed very casual; sweats and black socks.

Bree is locked in the stocks and I take off her black socks (she’d been wearing them all day). There are a few tools and techniques that really drive Bree crazy, to the point where she can’t take it. But I start off slowly and build to her.

I use fingers, the flosser, oiled up soles and two different hair brushes – The brushes are her kryptonite! I use the brushes on the most ticklish areas of her feet and get her laughing real good. She even says “That damn brush gets me everytime.”

Than, at one point she says “I didn’t think you were going to me.” Not sure what other type of tickling she expected!

Length: 8:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling my Girlfriend – I didn’t know you were going to torture me!

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