RFStudioProduction – Agata’s best ticklish Orgasms by Dero and Alla

Agata is completely naked in this clip. She has a pretty cute unshaven pussy. She is fixed on a bench with her feet up and her arms secured behind her head.
Alla smears oil over Agata’s lovely breasts, massaging her tits. Then she tickles Agata’s armpits with her toes.

Then we both tickle Agata with four hands. I tickle her oiled soles with my hands and comb while Alla fondles Agata’s upper body and big boobs. The ticklee bursts out laughing and screaming from being tickled, but we’re not going to stop.

Then we switch places with Alla. I take a vibrator and stimulate Agata. We want her to cum while being tickled. A little later, Alla and I squeeze her upper body and Agata goes crazy with tickling and pleasure.

In the end, I press the Magic wand harder and Agata screams with pleasure and laughs again from a strong tickling, which is more than unbearable for her today. After all, Alla lightly tickles Agata’s body and nipples with her nails, allowing the ticklee to relax a little.

Length: 28:20
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Agata’s best ticklish Orgasms by Dero and Alla

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