RFStudioProduction – Mora – Tight PVC mummification, tickling and nipple clamps

In this clip, Mora is tightly wrapped in PVC film, only her bare feet, head, and tits remain open.
In the first half of the clip, she lies on the floor and struggles, trying to cope with the tight embrace of the tape.

In the second half, she lies horizontally on the board, fixed to it with wide leather straps. Then she gets her own sock into her mouth with, of course, a tight wraparound with tape around her head. After that, I tickle her nipples with feathers and hands. Then I put clothespins on her nipples and tickle her feet (her big toes are definitely tied).

Mora moans and groans, her soles are extremely sensitive and she has nowhere to go from being tickled.
Then I blindfold her with tape around her head and continue tickling her. I also use Wartenberg’s pinwheel, run it over the boobs and nipples of fully mummified Mora, and use the pinwheel on her ticklish feet.
In the end, I leave the tightly bound Mora alone.

Mora reacts violently to tickling and the pinwheel, it’s so nice that she loves such tough challenges. Enjoy!

Length: 31:09
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Mora – Tight PVC mummification, tickling and nipple clamps

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