RomyFetish – Homeless girl becomes a tickle slave (part 2 of 4)

Melle really wants to enclose Romy in a wrap, to completely immobilize her.
The poor girl, very docile, accepts without flinching although she is not reassured.

The Tickling Mistress is going to have fun with her toy by laying her on the table, tickling her two exposed bare feet with her long fingernails.
But Romy being very ticklish, she makes too much noise.
Melle puts a ballgag on her, and continues the long foot torment.
After a moment, she ties Romy’s toes to the table with rope, so she can’t move anymore.
Then she continues her long punishment of feet tickling, sometimes with her nails, sometimes with a comb, then tickles her soles with a paint brush and oil, to makes her more sensitive.
Will Romy end up getting some respite ?

Length: 18:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

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