RomyFetish – Homeless girl becomes a tickle slave (part 3 of 4)

After the big session immobilized in a wrap, Romy rests in her new room, after having a shower and dinner.
Her new Mistress enters her slave’s room with the desire to tickle her for a last time before she goes to rest.
She puts Romy into the bed, telling her toy that she wants to play.
Romy obeys in spite of herself, already exhausted from her day rich in emotion.
Melle puts a blindfold on her, and orders her not to make any noise.
She delicately tickles the soles of her slave’s clean feet with her fingernails, but Romy is too sensitive and can’t contain herself.
Once again, Melle decides to punish her.
She orders Romy to turn on herself, handcuffs her hands behind her back to tie her.
To silence her, she puts a sock in her mouth.
Then she ties her two big toes together and tickles her feet mercilessly with her long nails, then with a feather. She also slaps her soles with a whip to make them even more sensitive.
Romy has to learn the rules and being punished if she doesn’t obey, so Melle has a very sadistic idea in mind at the end : She attaches an electric toothbrush under each of her victim’s feet and turns them on before leaving her like that in the bedroom while she goes to watch a movie.

It’s definitely a bad day for the poor girl, who can’t escape to the tickle torments.

Length: 12:23
Resolution: 1920×1080

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