RomyFetish – Two cheerleaders in torment – Tickling and Whipping

Master John is still in the dungeon, and he continues punishing both poor girls. He has secured Romy on the cross, and MelleM on the tickling bench. He tickles them with his fingers and with feathers. Both girls are gagged and tied up and there is nothing to do to escape… They have to accept their faith. Then, John starts whipping them, and decides to wrap an electric toothbrush under their feet, so they can be punished even without his service.

Poor cheerleaders are struggling and begging for mercy but John is really sadistic, and pushes them as far as he can, keeping the tickling and finishing with a wax play under MelleM’s feet.

Length: 13:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Two cheerleaders in torment – Tickling and Whipping

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