RoseFetishGarden – KimChi’s Ticklerobics MF

Sexy crazy ticklish Asian model KimChi is drenched in sweat from an extensive jog around the block. She arrives home to relax, only to be caught off guard by an unwelcome visitor. A hooded man sneaks up behind her and sends her into dreamland. She awakens immobilized in a pair of stocks with her arms stretched high above her head, exposing her sweaty armpits, and her toes tied. She’s completely nude with articles of her exercise clothing lying around on the floor. The hooded man, really a deranged serial tickler, arrives and wastes no time rubbing oil on KimChi’s sweaty soles and sending her to tickle town. He mercilessly tickles her soles and between her toes with his fingers, driving her mad as she struggles bound and helpless. He then moves behind her and slowly rubs oil in her armpits for a brief moment. The serial tickler teases her more, seemingly having found her most ticklish spot. KimChi is tickled into absolute hysteria and submission as the serial tickler attacks her very ticklish and vulnerable armpits. If KimChi’s work out from before wore her down, this surely will. Will she ever escape the ticklish madness? This clip description was written by the client who commissioned this awesome custom. If you’d like your own custom write me.

Length: 9:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – KimChi’s Ticklerobics MF

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