RoseFetishGarden – Tickling the Curator’s Wife POV MF

This clip was a fun role-play POV custom and if you are interested in commissioning your own custom email me.

Rose has just come home from work and changed into a t-shirt, khaki shorts and left her feet bare in leather slippers. Rose’s husband works for a museum restoring and archiving old artifacts that would be part of a dungeon display, and the neighbor’s step-son who attends the local college asked to come over for a school project to get some hands on experience with some of the Medieval artifacts. Rose agreed to having him over and has already lead him down to the basement, shows him a flogger, and then shows him the wooden bondage table. The young man notices the stocks and Rose explains the stocks to him. She playfully asks him if he would like to test them out? He says yes and then we cut to him getting out of the stocks. Then he asks if Rose wants to get in them and she is very hesitant at first. He eggs her on until she finally agrees and he puts her in them. Rose struggles for a bit to show she can’t escape. He asks if he can take pictures for his project and she says yes. As he’s doing so he thanks her for helping him out and remarks that the stocks are the coolest out of all the stuff she has showed him. Rose gives him a raised eyebrow and he, noticing, just says that it’s the most interesting since it has the longest history of use. Rose decides to tease him and says that he just likes that she is all locked up at his mercy. He tells Rose to cut it out. Rose giggles and asks him what’s wrong? He laughs and says enough. Rose tells him she thinks she struck a nerve. He looks Rose up and down and notices that her slippers are dangling for her toes from her earlier struggling. He then points out that she is, indeed, locked up and at his mercy, so he walks up to the front of the stocks, places his index finger on the heel of her left slipper and flicks it upward sending the slipper flying off. Rose yells out hey. He reaches down again and does the same thing to Rose’s other slipper. She tells him to put your slippers back on. That is when he starts to tickle Rose’s feet. He finds both a feather and a paint brush and uses those to tickle her feet as well. Will the young college student let Rose out of the stocks? Buy the clip to find out.

Length: 16:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling the Curator’s Wife POV MF

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