RussianFetish – Astrid has tickling fun with hogtied Vidana + Revenge!

The clip begins with Astrid playing with her tightly bound friend Vidana. Astrid always wanted to her naughty friend and here’s a chance! Vidana is hogtied and Astrid tickles her bare feet. Vidana doesn’t like this at all, she whines and protests, but it seems that Astrid doesn’t really care about that. Vidana has very sensitive soles… After a while, Astrid gags her victim’s with a ballgag and continues having fun with her ticklee.
Suddenly Masked man enters the room and decides to change the rules of the game. He grabs protesting Astrid and hogties her with ropes, gags her with a big ballgag. Of course, Vidana is very happy to see this, and Masked man frees her when Astrid is already neutralized. So, little Astrid turns from a formidable tickler into a defenseless ticklee. Vidana returns the favor to her abuser, tickles her sexy feet with no mercy. But it seems that Astrid is even glad of this… Enjoy!

Length: 16:23
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Astrid has tickling fun with hogtied Vidana + Revenge!

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