RussianFetish – Best Susanna’s east style tickling with long belly torture

Susanna wears oriental clothes and a collar. She is brought into the hall and gets ordered to dance and she reluctantly does this and dances with her stomach. She doesn’t really succeed and therefore she is punished. Here is what awaits Susanna further:
1. The tickling of her sides and belly. When Susanna finished dancing, I tie her hands above her head and put a gag in her mouth and then tape over it.
2. Belly torture with a Wartenberg’s pinwheel and slapping.
The pinwheel passes on Susanna’s stomach and body, leaving red marks. Then she gets some slaps with a riding crop and tickling as well.
3. Hogtie tickling and feet spanking. Susanna lies on the floor and she’s topless now, I torment her nipples and tickle her from behind. And then I lay her on her stomach and hogtie her, then I tickle her feet and sides, and then slap her feet a bit.
4. Tickling and torture with clamps on the cross. Susanna is on the cross – I’m going to tickle her even more. Then I fasten the clip to her nipples and pull it a little. Then I fasten the clamp to one nipple, and the second on her navel and pull it. Then I tickle her belly.
5. Torture with tongs, ice, pinwheel, wax, and ticklish eating food from the belly. The last torture is very diverse. First, I tickle Susann, and then I use ice on her body and navel. Then I take tongs and tickle her body, and I also torture her navel and nipples. Then I set a candle into her belly button and set it on fire. While the candle burns I tickle her belly and use the pinwheel. Susanna is exhausted.
In the end, I use wax on her stomach and she moans in pain.

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