RussianFetish – Capturing of rich girl Alevtina – She took the bait – Fetish movie

The story
A very beautiful rich millionaire step-daughter Alevtina would like to ride her horse. She wears riding clothes, black narrow rubber riding boots, black or beige breeches, white or black blouses, a silk scarf around her neck, and her hair tied in a bun or ponytail.
After she leaves the house to go to the riding stable, two criminals watch her on the way. These two are well informed about the woman and want to steal money and jewels and hope to find the safe hiding place of these valuables by capturing and tormenting the step-daughter.
One of them is picking Alevtina up, in order to give her a ride. She’s naive and doesn’t mind meeting a guy, especially if he looks nice and smiles. Poor Alevtina has no idea what’s waiting for her on this ride…

– And where are we going?
– To one interesting place
– What kind of place is that?
– You’ll see it soon

Suddenly, the car stops and he leaves her alone in a locked vehicle for some reason. Alevtina starts to panic and then she sees both of them in masks… She goes crazy as they pounce on her. After a while, she’s already bound in the car’s trunk with thin ropes on her hands around the upper body, over the knees, and under the knees and the feet. In addition, she is gagged with her silk scarf.

They unload their victim there and carry them to the prepared cellar. Then put her on the bed and immediately want to know from her where money and jewels are hidden. Alevtina is silent, so she is threatened with tickling. She keeps silent…
So they start to remove the shackles on her feet. Then the boots and socks are removed. The feet are then tied to the frame at the end of the bed. With one of the socks, she is also gagged. At the same time, the second gangster goes to the closet and takes out the appropriate instruments.

He provocatively shows the victim the big feather, then a few seconds later he starts tickling the soles of his bare feet with the feather. She is very ticklish and writhes in her bonds. Since she still does not reveal where the valuables are, one of the gangsters begins to lick the soles of her feet. From the heels to the toes and back again, sometimes very slowly and sometimes very quickly and violently.

He also sucks her toes in between. That tickles Alevtina very much and she has to laugh violently again. Then she is tickled with a hairbrush and tormented with ice cubes. She also gets slapped on the bare soles of her feet with a belt or riding crop until she finally reveals where the valuables are hidden. The gangsters leave the victim tied up and quickly disappear with the valuables. The end.

Length: 36:54
Resolution: 1920×1080

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