RussianFetish – Chase for Susanna in dirty white pantyhose – Tickling in an abandoned house

Susanna plays the role of an innocent student girl who returns to her room after school. On the way, her shoes begin to rub her feet and she takes them off. She walks in her white tights on the dirty floor. When she enters the dark corridor, she notices that she is being watched. The light blinks and then turns off completely and a man appears from the darkness, who begins to chase after her. He catches up with Susanna who has fallen to the floor and begins to bind her hands and then gags her mouth with tape. He sniffs her dirty feet and tickles them slightly. Susanna resists and protests, but the man just adds another piece of tape over her mouth. Then he ties her legs and puts Susanna on her knees. He takes her over the shoulder and takes her to an abandoned house.
The place for Susanna has already been prepared – a chair and an old mattress. He puts poor Susanna on the chair and then makes her walk on the dirty floor. After that, he takes her feet and sniffs and tickles them again. Susanna stands right on a wet puddle and freezes but the criminal doesn’t care, he only wants to satisfy his fetishes.
After foot tickling, he carries Susanna to the mattress and hogties her. Then tickles her again, then remove tights from her one foot and greases the sole with cream to tickle her. When he enjoyed tickling her feet, he lifts her sweater and tickles her sides and waist. Frightened Susanna grunts and twitches on the mattress and the offender leaves her alone.

Length: 23:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

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