RussianFetish – Complete Mind Overhaul – Ex-Spy Vilena

Vilena was a secret spy who deserted several years ago. She belonged to a group of secret female spies known as The Lethal Tootsies. They were trained to use their feet as lethal weapons, from seduction to theof their targets. Vilena was arrested a few days ago, after a series of crimes in various countries. Once she is a highly trained spy, she was sent to a department known as D.T.K.A.66, which use psycho-sensory stimulation for a complete mind overhaul. Her mind will be reprogrammed in an attempt to make her a normal person again, and then she can be handed over to the authorities. For this aim, there is only one procedure for her case: several sessions of “foot stimulation”. Breaking Vilena’s toughness attacking her “deadly weapon”, her feet.

First Scene:
The main tools for this scene are a sponge, hands, ? polisher roller for soles, an electric toothbrush, a massage blue rubber brush, a wide brush. Talcum powder for tickling, foam and cream.
The deserted ex-spy Vilena was taken to the Hygiene Room. The guy talking on the phone with his boss:
– “Yes, we captured her! (…) Yes, she will be sent there. (…) Of course boss, she will not escape”.
The soles of her feet are really dirty and need to be cleaned and tendered for her first session. She was wearing a straitjacket, isolation headphones, she was sitting on a special chair and her ankles firmly tied and big toes are tied. A nurse is in the room carrying a bucket with soap and a bath brush. Without speaking a single word with Vilena, she begins to wash the ex-spy’s feet. After washing them, the nurse massaged Vlada’s feet using lotion. During this process, she tickles and slaps Vilena’s feet.

A nurse is tickling her feet with a sponge soaked in water. She takes a foam for shaving and handles the spy’s feet. Vilena goes insane, she hardly sees anything and laughs as hell from unbearable torture. Her legs are beautiful and very sencitive. A real dangerous weapon!
Then the nurse starts using the rest of the instruments of torture, including the latest technology: a spinning roller for polishing soles.
After a while, the nurse looks at Vlada and says: “Your feet are ready, I’ll call the staff to take you to the doctor’s room.”
Before leave, the nurse applies a sedative to Vlada’s thigh.

Second Scene:
The main tools here are a brush, teeth, hands, a pen, a cane and a whip for bastinado.
Vilena wakes up restrained with straps over a padded table, wearing a straitjacket and with a blindfold on her forehead, which will be lowered over her eyes soon. All her toes are tied with a strong rope. A doctor is in the room holding a clipboard. He looks into it, and says to the ex-spy: “So Miss Vilena  you’re in serious trouble, ah? How many people died under those deadly feet of yours? Hmmm, they do not seem so dangerous now, do not you think? It’s time to retire them! We have a long way to go together, Miss Vilena.”
After that, the head doctor begins professional therapy, he tickles her feet with his hands, bites them and uses a comb.
Then he begins to look for her super sensitive places – when he touces her hips, she rages and becomes completely insane. She laughs like crazy. But he have to tickle her more and more! He switches to her belly, it brings her to hysterics.
At the end of the therapy, he flogs her feet with the cane and the whip. For some time the doctor beats her warmed up feet in stocks. It hurts but this is necessary to complete the therapy. And this is not the end…

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 11179 kbps, 25.000 fps
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Duration: 22:45.760
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