RussianFetish – East style – Compulsion Susanna to dance and Tickle

Susanna was brought in for the wearing a collr. Silence reigned and only a smoke from scented candles filled the room. A man fastened the collar with a chain.
Susanna’s feet got jingling bells, which were needed for a dance. The man had a whip with which he began to make Susanna dance and move her belly. She began to obey and move her feet so that the bells on her legs began to ring. The man whipped the girl from time to time to make her dance more actively. He took the torch and moved it next to her, frightening the girl. Then he tied her legs and gave the girl time to escape – she made no success.
After a while, he tied her hands and secured them at the top, and then began to tickle her stomach with sharp metal attachments-claws. Susanna squirmed and laughed but endured the .
Then the man tickled her with his hands, her even more. And then he took Wartenberg’s pinwheel to drive it over her tender belly. He then tickled her again. At the end, Susanna weakened and the man untied her – she collapsed beside him without strength.
Then Susanna was hogtied and the man continued to her, he began to tickle her feet with sharp toys, and then turned her over on her side and began to drive them along her protruding ribs. Then he tickled her stomach with his hands and her sides. He used the pinwheel again on her body. Then he made several blows with a whip and left the girl alone.

Length: 25:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

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