RussianFetish – Erotic tickling of Alla by Valera and Double Tickling

The video starts with the tied Alla and topless Valera is going to tickle her. She tickles Alla with her long arms and thin fingers and then bites and tastes her body. Then she goes Alla’s feet and enjoys tickling her.
The most ticklish spot on Alla’s body is armpits and now Valera has focused on them to bring her to hysteria.
When Alla’s tickling reaction started to dry out, I put both girls in stocks and start tickling their feet. Alla has a good reaction, and Valera squeals a lot from tickling her feet.
Then I use an electric brush and a massager on their soles.
After tickling in stocks, I turn to double tickling of the girls’ upper body and tickle the armpits and sides of the girls tied to the bed.
In the end, we see Alla who gets tickled with four hands until the last minute of the video.

Length: 25:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Erotic tickling of Alla by Valera and Double Tickling

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