RussianFetish – Failed escape from tickler

Story: Burglar Janna comes home, takes off  heels and jacket as she suddenly gets surprised by a masked man.

Scene 1: Janna sits on the sofa with already tied hand and legs he ties her feet and ask s her about the money which she has stolen from the wrong people, but she just tells him that he’s mistaken, she’s hasn’t any money. He puts 2-3 stripes of tape over her mouth, up the top, Janna mumbles something and breast-ropes her. Puts her down on the sofa hogties her, goes behind her legs ties her wriggling big toes together with a very thin long string. Leaves her alone looking for the money. Later he comes back and asks her again and that it would be better to tell him where it is but she plays the innocent.
I see, well I have to get a little toy especially for you and then we will talk again. Janna makes big eyes. I will right be back and leaves her alone

Scene 2: Janna sits still gaged, hands tied and breast-roped in the chair as he puts her wriggling legs in the stocks. Nice toy, don’t you agree agent Janna? He starts to tie every single toe with a string back to the round holder 5 on the left and 5 on the right on the top of the stock.  He takes a feather and starts to tickles her sole and between her toes. He takes off gag and asks again t. Janna is clever to buy some time she tells him that the money is hidden outside in her garage (which isn’t), gages her again then leaves her alone.

Scene 3: Janna got free, grabs her knife, opens the door and sneaks barefoot down the hallway. As she reaches the door to get out, it opens and he comes back. Both are somehow surprised, after a little fight in the hallway, he’s able to overtake her, hands over her mouth and forces her back to her apartment.

Scene 4:  Janna is on the floor with already tied hands and legs as he ties her feisty feet. He forces her to kneel and ball-gages her. You tried to fool me, bitch, well that was a mistake! Up the top, and breast-ropes her again, Janna isn’t very happy. He puts her on a chair and ties her onto it. As he walks by, she tries to trip him with her tied feet. Already angry? He takes her tied feet, ties her dirty big toes together, adds another string to her tied toes pulls her feet back under the chair so her toes almost touch the floor and ties it to the chair .He fondles her breasts and starts to play with the feather and her nipples, Janna somehow excited starts to moan, he puts some nipple-clamps on. Janna isn’t pleased at all, he tickles her soles. Finally she gives up, he takes off her gag and clamps and she tells him that the money is hidden under a loose plank down in the basement.

Scene 5: Janna was able to free herself, from toe-tie, tied feet and chair, takes her chance opens the door, tries to walk down the hallway with her still tied legs as good as possible to get outside to the garage. He immediately grabs her, takes her back to the bedroom and pushes her on the bed. He’s pissed, grabs the rope and ties her feet. I told you to stay put you stupid thing, but no!! He grabs one of her dirty socks on the floor, puts it in her protesting mouth and 2-3 stripes of tape over to shut her up, puts her in a tight hogtie, ties her big toes also tight together when she starts to mumble and spread her toes. Still not happy, I see.
He first blindfolds her, then starts to tie all her other toes together, Janna is absolutely pissed. He adds another thin long string from her tied toes to her tied arms so everything is safe and he has enough time to get away with the money without a problem, leaves her alone for the final struggling…

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 6079 kbps, 25.000 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 238 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 1:04:00
Size: 2 891,025 Mb

Download – Failed escape from tickler

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