RussianFetish – Flory tickles big Elisara’s feet in stocks

It’s time for sweet tickling revenge! Last time Elisara didn’t spare her friend and tickled her properly (see links below).
Now, Elisara herself is in the role of ticklee and sits tied up in stocks, where each of her toes is fixed.

Flory’s eyes light up and she really wants to tickle her girlfriend’s big feet. Despite the fact that she tickles someone for the first time in her life, she quickly gets a taste and does an excellent job as a tickler. Flory uses different devices to add even more fun to the tickling experience. She also lubricates Elisara’s soles with oil and finds the most ticklish spots on her feet. Flory even applies Wartenberg’s pinwheel to drive Elisara crazy.

We can say that both girls had a great time and laughed a lot.

Length: 16:15
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Flory tickles big Elisara’s feet in stocks

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