RussianFetish – I want to play with you too! Grabbing and tickling two naughty girls in down jackets

Two young girls have fun and tickle each other when they meet. They are too funny and crazy and want even more fun. They find jackets, pink and blue and put them on. They help each other to button up.
Then they tickle each other under their down jackets, they both have big tits and they strive to touch them. Girls get turned on and gag each other over the hoods of their jackets.
Then they take off their gags and continue to tickle each other. Zhenya lifts Agata’s jacket and begins to tickle her big tits, she bites her nipples and both girls gets even more excited.
Agata also unbuttons Zhenya’s jacket and presses the girl to torment and bite her tits. While the girls are playing, a man in a mask enters the room – he wants to play with the girls too. He catches first one and then the second one and begins to tie them up. He treats them carelessly and orders them to be silent, and the girls obey.
He ties both girls to the sofa by arms, lifting them up. He ties their breasts over their jackets, and ties their knees as well. He begins to tickle the girls in turn enjoying the sight of open boobs. The girls are very ticklish and laugh through the ballgags. The man then buttons up their jackets and tickles them more.
Then he begins to tickle the girls’ bare feet and decides to exchange their ballgags for stocking gags. He enjoyes them and tickles them again!
When he gets tired of their pose, he unties the girls and moves them to the table to hogtie them. In this position, he tickles their feet and waists and they whine even more and laugh through the nylon gags.
In the end, the stranger gets bored with the girls’ gags again and changes them to scarfs. He tickles the girls one more time and then leaves them alone for struggling on the table.

Length: 37:30
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – I want to play with you too! Grabbing and tickling two naughty girls in down jackets

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