RussianFetish – Interrogation of Miss Sensity – Torment of her belly and navel in mummified style

Miss Sensity was captured. A mad executioner was hired by company management to get her and find out who in the corporation is involved in some illegal business. Only she might know it. But she didn’t want to betray her boss…
The girl was wrapped in film on a bench in an old abandoned building. The mad executioner brought many tools to torment and tickle her belly. She woke up alone and began to resist getting out of the tight film. Then he entered the room, he talked to her now affectionately, now rudely. He grabbed her hair and threatened to tickle her belly. Then he began to clap her belly and examine her navel. He asked the girl if she agreed to confess but to no avail.
Miss Sensity repeated and prayed he stop tormenting her belly. And when he tickled her, she burst out into loud laughter.
He began to tickle her navel and sides and then began to torment her navel with a tip of a pencil and a brush.
Then he took an electric toothbrush and began to tickle her belly. He took ice tongs and parted her navel.
He approached the girl’s face and whispered if she was ready to tell him something useful, but she denied it. Then he covered her mouth with his hand and began to tickle her strongly.
Then he took a paddle and slapped her stomach several times. Then he sealed her mouth with duct tape and smeared cream over her belly. He began tickling her again. Then he poured oil into her navel. He peeled off the tape gag and asked her again for the information. He didn’t receive an answer and heard only pleas, and then he again began to poke at her navel and tickle her beautiful tummy.
Then he put on claws on his fingers and began to drive them over the tummy… The girl didn’t confess yet …

Length: 20:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

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