RussianFetish – Linda – Four hands soles tickling in stocks

Linda is finally get in our stocks. In this video, my partner and I tickle her sexy feet together. First, she is wearing pantyhose, then we tear them, exposing her bare feet. When we did this, her tickling response increased dramatically. She squeals and laughs sweetly and tenderly and wiggles her feet with tied big toes. I love this reaction, so we continue to tickle her properly, despite her cute protests. We tickle her intensely and we mainly use combs, electric brushes, our hands and oil on her soles.
Soon, she got a ballgag between her teeth. Linda thought the gag was not right for her… Haha, foolish babe, gagged mouth gives you a special fetish charm, and your squeals get new harmonics.

Length: 19:09
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Linda – Four hands soles tickling in stocks

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