RussianFetish – New model Aksinya with big feet – Third parts of tickling for her

The new model Aksinya is a very nice and bright girl. She has a graceful ticklish body and has tattoos.
Today’s tickling will consist of three stages.

On the first, I tied her hands up making her kneeling on a bed. She wore panties and a T-shirt. I came up from behind and started tickling her big orange feet (POV). I liked Aksinya’s sensitivity, she’s ticklish and was aroused by my touches. Then I settled down behind her and began to tickle the sides and body. Then I lifted the shirt and bared her breasts. When I pressed on her armpits, Aksinya laughed hysterically. Then I took oil and poured it on her breasts, tickling her nipples and digging into her body so that she squirmed more.

The second stage got going on a corner device, where Aksinya was sitting in leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles. I tickled the back of her body and armpits, and then moved on to her delicious feet, they were perfect and ticklish. I began to bite her long fingers and it was a thrill.

On a third stage, her feet were locked in small stocks. I immediately started tickling her soles and she burst into laughter. Then I began to lick her toes and bite her feet, enjoying her reaction to the end.

Length: 24:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – New model Aksinya with big feet – Third parts of tickling for her

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