RussianFetish – Roksana took off her shoes to sneak but she got caught – Tckling her foot arches and hogtie

Roksana went down the stairs to a strange warehouse, she wanted to find out what they were up to. She took off her heels and walked down the dirty stairs. Her feet were already dirty and she looked at them to dust them off. She passed a dangerous section of the path and went out a door when she was grabbed by a guard in a mask because he was waiting for her.
After a short struggle, he knocked Roksana out and carried her over his shoulder to a room.
Roksana woke up in the darkness, her eyes were blindfolded, her mouth was taped, her hands and feet were tied, heels were put on again. A second guard stood behind her and he began to wake the girl up. He began to make fun of her and tickle the sides and stomach. Roksana was laughing and moaning sexually and he loved it.
He tickled the girl again, and then removed the tape from her mouth and put her feet on the bar, intending to take off her heels.
When Roksana was barefoot, the guard used several tools on her soles, he tickled her with a hair comb, scissors and his hands.
When he left Roxanne alone, she tried to escape and almost untied the ropes. But the second guard quickly caught her and dragged her onto the table. Roksana was knocked out and got hogtied. They took off her blouse and began to tickle her sides and feet again.
In the end, the guard added oil and Wartenberg’s pinwheel for a more thrilling experience. Roksana moaned and laughed.
Then Roksana was transferred to the bed, the man in the hood began to tickle the girl even more harshly, causing laughter and suffering to her. He turned the girl on the side and ran over her tanned body with his hands tickling her all over. After that, he left her alone and she managed to escape.

Length: 32:41
Resolution: 1920×1080

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