RussianFetish – Smelly feet caught the forest witch’s attention – Tickling and foot worship in the tent

Taisia went camping with a big backpack and she wandered deep in the forest. Having traveled a long distance she was very tired. She began to feel that she was being watched. So it really was. Forest witch watched the girl.
Taisia sat down for some rest and decided to pitch a tent. So she did it and fell resting. The witch crept closer and ran her claws along the tent. Taisia woke up and went to check out. Making sure that nobody was there, she lay down again and fell resting soundly. But the Witch was already next to her and smelled a flavor of sweaty shoes, she took off Taisia’s boots and smelled them. It excited the witch. She began to tickle the girl’s feet through the socks with her sharp claws. Then the witch took the scissors and cut the socks to tickle the half-naked feet of the napping girl. And then she completely cut open the socks, Taisia laughing through her rest. The witch tickled the girl’s toes and feet. The witch was very attracted to her feet and therefore she began to tickle them with the tip of her tongue and lick her soles. She did this for a very long time and in different positions while Taisia tossed and turned. The witch’s saliva flowed down the girl’s foot and ominously rolled her eyes in pleasure.
While enjoying the feet, Taisia began to wake up and the witch quickly disappeared. The girl didn’t suspect anything and put on her boots and went in search of the way back. But the witch was nearby and chased after Taisia. She overtook the girl.
Now Taisia was tied to a tree – the witch didn’t want to let her go so quickly and decided to tickle her armpits and sides, as well as her stomach. She did this for quite some time and in the end, she took off Taisia’s shoes again and tickled her bare feet with sharp claws, and then ran a branch along the feet.
After she enjoyed the torment the witch approached the girl and said that she has to leave but she would be missing her.
Taisia tried to untie herself but in vain and she called the witch to let her go.

Length: 48:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

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