RussianFetish – Tickling Mara in her house – Captured and tied with tape

Mara returned home as usual and went into the kitchen to drink tea. She forgot to close the front door and didn’t suspect that an unknown person had entered the apartment at that time.
Mara went to the bedroom to preen and go on for a walk, but as soon as she left the room a robber grabbed her and threw her onto the bed. He immediately began to bind her with tape over her clothes and boots.
He leaves her in this state for a while, she struggles a lot, then he returns and drags her into another room, where he takes off her boots and jacket. He feels the smell of Mara’s white socks and binds her tight with the tape, shut her mouth and decides to have fun with her feet. He tickles her beautiful heels and tastes their smell.
Now he tickles her body, and Mara goes crazy and moos. Then he leaves the room again, Mara almost manages to get out, but she can’t just get away and the offender again ties Mara and tickles her stomach and armpits strongly – he also bites her feet and sides.
Now he again ties Mara with the tape and tickles (POV) Mara’s sexy feet, which are also tightly bound. Then he leaves the room leaving Mara alone. She struggles and is almost free, but who knows whether this was part of the criminal’s plans or not.

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