RussianFetish – Tickling Susanna under magic control and placing her body in a magic bag

Susanna came to a psychic for some help. Nothing was going well in her life. Having laid out the cards, the dark magician offered her a magic dream sense.
He took out an amulet and began to induce Susanna to rest and her head swayed in time with his hand. The sorcerer ordered her to get up and come to a table when he finished his spell, then Susanna “turned off” and fell into his arms. He laid her down on the table and tied her arms and legs.
He slowly took off her socks and began to tickle her bare feet. Susanna began to laugh loudly and woke up. He tickled her feet and body, then covered her with a blanket and put her back to rest. Then he again tickled her feet that sticking out from under the cover, as well as her body, but Susanna was resting showing no reaction.

The sorcerer transferred Susanna’s body to a bed and took off her clothes and stroked her delicate body. He liked his visitor so he decided to continue the session, he covered her body with a veil and brought her out of the trance, but Susanna couldn’t move. He tickled her body through the veil and she laughed.
Wrapping her entire body in a black cape, he again performed a tickling session. He tickled her body and bare feet, enjoying Susanna’s laugh.

Then he carried Susanna’s to the table and wrapped her in red cloth, tying it up like a sack. The sorcerer cast a spell and Susanna woke up trying to get free.
The magician freed her and ordered her to strip to her panties. She obeyed. He put her in a red zip-up bag and zipped her all the way up. He began to tickle Susanna’s body through the bag. Then the sorcerer turned off the light, leaving her alone and motionless.

Length: 34:30
Resolution: 1920×1080

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