RussianFetish – Tickling Taisia on the cross and hogtie foot tickling

Taisia does stretching exercises, then puts on her jacket, gloves, and gets ready to go out but suddenly a masked man appears from behind… He has some dirt on Taisia and wants to have fun with her in return.?He knocks Taisia out and moves her to a cross, fastens her to it, and starts tickling her belly. He fixes her tighter and gags her mouth with tape. Then he takes a feather and tickles Taisia’s armpits. She goes crazy from that. The man won’t stop and takes an electric toothbrush and tickles her more. Then he focuses on her navel, he moves a sharp object over her belly button and then tickles her body intensely again.?After a while, he puts Taisia on a bench, ties her into hogtie, gags her mouth with a ball gag, and removes her shoes. He starts tickling her bare feet and enjoys Taisia’s screams. Then he removes the gag and fastens metal clips on her toes and the tickling continues. When he’s got what he wanted, he leaves tied Taisia alone.

Duration: 20:41.292
Size: 460,014 Mb

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