RussianFetish – Various tickling for Eva’s feet in two poses

Today, Eva’s bare feet will be tickled. First, the cutie is tied on a bench with her legs extended forward. Her arms are suspended and raised above her head. She’s fixed with leather straps and cuffs.
I go over and gently tickle her armpits, which immediately makes her sweaty. She’s shy about her ticklishness and tries to keep a laugh inside (in vain). I use the feather on her sensitive soles and then move on to the comb. It can be seen how the girl is tickled from moving the brush along the skin of her soles. Next, I use an electric toothbrush on her feet, and Eva nicely jerks her knees and moans from tickling sensations.

In the next scene, Eva is lying on her stomach and her soles are oiled. I use a sharp comb and she squeals in surprise. In this position, she doesn’t see how I tickle her and this only enhances her sensitivity.
Her feet are intensely tickled with combs, toothbrushes and you can see her soles in close-ups. Enjoy!

Length: 16:42
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Various tickling for Eva’s feet in two poses

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