ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – An Unbearable Tickling

Kitty has not been acting professionally and has failed at her responsibilities as a model. Now I admit, I’m not all that upset about it because that means I get to discipline Kitty however I see fit. And usually when I discipline someone, severe tickle torment is my preferred method of punishment. And because Kitty has failed and has in fact been so disappointing to me, I am going to administer a very lengthy tickle punishment!

I have Kitty in my discipline room and on the table. She’s topless and has her wrists bound above her head. Her ankles are cuffed to a spreader bar and raised high in the air. This is an excellent position for me to conveniently tickle her feet. Plus, it gives me easy access to the backs of her legs and inner thighs, which are VERY sensitive! I thoroughly tickle Kitty from head to toe. At a few points, because I find her looking so sexy in this position and it turns me on so much that I begin to kiss her. Kitty obviously thought that the punishment was over, but she was very much mistaken. The tickle punishment resumed! I even used my metal tickle claws on her for a few moments just to add to the tickle sensation she was experiencing. I remove her heels and oil up her feet and then I tickled them mercilessly! Baby oil really intensifies the ticklishness! It was unbearable for Kitty to be tickled for such a long time, especially in this position! Maybe she learned her lesson, but then again maybe not. Hopefully not, because that means I will punish her with even more tickle torment next time!

Length: 19:12
Resolution: 1920×1080

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